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To game or not to game; that is the question. What’s gaming then? Specifically, we’re referring to gaming as the action or practice of playing video games. We’re here to write about whether gaming is helpful or harmful to school-age young adults.

Why is gaming a hot topic? Parents despise their children’s gaming habits as they fear gaming is taking over the kids’ lives. In defence, gamers claim their rights and freedom to entertain themselves. This unique story differs from other coverages on this topic because we represent typical teenagers who game almost everyday.

What makes video games such a hated subject in society? Obviously, the content in certain games isn’t suitable for kids. For example, in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, there’s a mission called No Russian, which takes place in a Russian airport. The player is a Russian terrorist with the objective to kill civilians and put the blame on America causing WWIII.

Another game series, called Grand Theft Auto, allows players to commit various crimes such as murder, dealing illegal substances, robbing a bank and of course hijacking vehicles.

We want you to play more video games. This may sound bad, but hear us out. As research shows, gaming improves: coordination, problem solving skills, concentration, brain speed, multitasking skills, and memory.

Of course, there are negative impacts to gaming: addiction, insomnia, social replacement, neglect of responsibilities, low self-esteem, social anxiety, depression, personal health, and violence. 

This story is significant because of its growing nature. The video game business is also booming because of the fast development of modern technology.

The latest addition to gaming technology, Google Stadia, allows players to play high graphics games on any device. Google provides this service by using servers to keep these games open in the background. A customer’s in-game command is sent to the servers and the gameplay is shown on the customer’s device. 

This service will replace all gaming consoles in the future. Technology like these introduces gaming to more customers, even seniors, making this a mature, but still growing topic.

Our story is different because we write from experience. On average as a group of 4, we play: 35-40 hours a week,

           140-160 hours a month,

           or 1680-1920 hours a year.

Also, some of us have been a beta tester to some games. We can say there are pros and cons of gaming.

We are the perfect people to talk to about this story or issue because we have plenty of experience playing video games. Some of us deal with the cons gaming has on us, but we also improve from all the pros it offers. No one in our group has been affected severely from the cons of gaming. 

Most of us have actually gained some skills from gaming like: multitasking, faster reaction time, and quick fingers. Some of us also had experience with earlier versions of games which are now popular. The important point about this story is proving games can be beneficial to a person.

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