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Our new video is up! We got a chance to interview and up and coming gamer, Shammas Fathhi. He recently has taken a break from Fortnite, but that won’t stop his gaming career. Go check it out at

Full Transcipt

Liang: Today we will be interviewing a retired Fortnite player Shammas Fathhi. He was a small tournament player who played solo tournaments.

Liang: How did you get into gaming?

Shamas: I got into gaming through one of my friends. I played this first person shooter with him. I beat him within a few days and this got me hooked on the game. As soon as that happened I fell in love with to how unique gaming was to other things 

Liang: What’s your favourite game of all time?

Shamas: It’s probably Skyrim because it’s the first open world game I played and it had the most amount of NPCs in the game, the most amount of weapons you could collect and it had a leveling system so the game was not that repetitie and you say a sense of progress. 

Liang:How much time do you roughly spend gaming?

Shamas:I used to play 6 hours a day, now I don’t really spend any time playing but I do occasionally play some games.

Liang: What do you think is enjoyable about playing video games?

Shamas: I like how immerse you can get over the story and I like that you can do anything in the games, also like that it lets you do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do  

Liang: Do you ever think you would return to playing Fortnite?

Shamas: Yes, because I’m very passionate about the game, but right now I don’t have any time to play the game and I don’t really want to play the game so I’m just taking  a break from the game due to not having the motivation to play it.

Liang: Is there a specific reason that you stopped playing?

Shamas: Not really because there are many reasons that I stopped playing, one of the reasons was that I was getting bored of the game, I haven’t been enjoying any of the new updates that have been coming out any of the guns in the game, any of the maps or what ever came out and so i just wanted to stop playing for a bit.

Liang:Are there any updates that you would change to make the game so you would like it again?

Shamas: Isn’t a personal update but ide to one that adds more customization to the menus, the characters and custom crosshairs, It would make the game more enjoyable and more people would be playing the game 

Liang: Why do you think Fortnite was such a big game?

Shamas: I think it was that anyone can play it and it was just very fun to play with your friends and have a lot of fun.

Liang:Do you think Fortnite can ever regain its place at the top of twitch?

Shamas: I honestly don’t think so because they don’t really listen to the community anymore. They used to listen and had updates every few weeks and this made the game refreshing all the time, but recently they haven’t been doing that so I don’t think they can do this.

Liang: Who did you usually play Fortnite with?

Shamas: Played with one of my friends Mamdouh, we both enjoyed the game and were very passionate about the game so we just enjoyed talking about the game together and we had good chemistry together so we enjoyed playing 

Liang: Do you think you would ever try to play another game at a pro-level?

Shamas: Yeah, I don’t want to play another first person shooter or another shooter in general, but I do think I could get really good at the game if I had the time to get good at it.

Liang:Has playing video games helped you think of a career for your future?

Shamas: Yeah, I wanted to be a pro player because i was good enough to be a pro player and I knew if I worked hard enough I could be one, but it also made me realize that I want to focus on school and go to university.

Liang: Who is your favourite gaming idol?

Shamas: It’s probably Ninja because he’s just a lot bigger than most people and he’s considered the more popular than most people and he’s just worked a lot harder to get to where he is now that anyone one I’ve ever seen play video games.

Liang: Are you currently playing any video games?

Shamas: Not really but i do want to play more single player games just to have fun, and i am thinking of playing Skyrim.

Liang: Are you waiting for any new games to be released?

Shamas: Yeah I’m waiting for the new Doom game to come out. It looks very good, and the graphics look very good, and I like how action packed it is.

Liang: Do you know when it is gonna get released?

Shamas: No not really 

Liang: Have you played any console exclusive games or is it just a PC you play on?

Shamas: I did play Halo and I also played Uncharted. I usually like third person shooters or any shooters in general but I also like a good story.

Liang: Some people think video games are a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Shamas: It depends on how you use it, if you spend your time just watching stuff and not doing anything productive. Or if you don’t have a YouTube channel or a Twitch channel and you’re just playing for fun I think you should keep it being a hobby, but if you want to actually pay you instead of wasting your time you should just focus on creating a career out of it.

Liang: Some people say you can learn new skills from gaming. Have you learned any skills?

Shamas: My reaction time is definitely faster and my creativity is probably better and I do think outside the box.

Liang:Some video games can be violent. Do you think it would influence people to have more violent behaviour in life?

Shamas: No, I think the people you surround yourself with are more impactful on your life than what you do in games. I don’t think if you killed someone in a game it would really impact you in your life unless you have some mental illness.

Liang: What does your family think about your gaming lifestyle?

Shamas: They don’t really understand it but my brothers are also competitive players so they get where I’m coming from, but my mom doesn’t really understand it due to how new the type of career is.

Liang: Do you think you are better than your brothers?

Shamas: I’m definitely better than them but they do have a lot of potential, but only time will see

Liang: What did an average day in your life look like when you were still playing games?

Shamas: When i was playing video games I used to watch 2 hours of my game play analyzing what I could do better and what could improve on then I would do my homework for 3 hours and then after that I would play scrimmiges with other experienced competitive players for like 4 hours.

Liang: How did you keep your grades up while gaming?

Shamas: I just had a good schedule so I had a limit on how much I played everyday. I do think it’s kind of difficult but it depends on the courses you picked.

Liang: What kind of hobbies do you have other than gaming?

Shamas: I like boxing. I do a lot of mixed martial arts and i also like reading.

Liang: Thank you for your time today. Would you like to say anything to our audience?

Shammas: If you want to get good at something you have to put the time in and want to be the best.

Streeter Interview

We just posted a video on Youtube about people’s gaming lifestyles. We asked strangers how they got into gaming, what their favourite video game is, how many hours they spend gaming, and their first ever game. Go check it out at

Full Transcript

Liang: How did you get into gaming?

Guest 1: It was a Christmas gift

Guest 2: I first got into gaming by watching my brother play video games

Guest 3: I got into gaming by looking at advertisement and from my cousin

Guest 4: I got into gaming when my dad was first playing games when I was younger

Guest 5: Mostly through my brother, my brother played games and you know kinda got into that term

Stanley: What was the first game you have ever played?

Guest 1: Wii Sports

Guest 2: It was the Legend of Zelda

Guest 3: Uhh, I actually started playing Pokemon Platinum, that was my very first game on any console

Guest 4: That would be CSGO

Guest 5: Probably, Purble Place, you know old classic windows XP game

Liang: What is your favourite video game?

Guest 1: Super Smash

Guest 2: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Guest 3: Call of Duty series Black Ops 2

Guest 4: Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Guest 5: Right now, it is Overwatch 

Stanley: How much time do you spend gaming a week?

Guest 1: About an hour a day

Guest 2: Um, two hours a week

Guest 3: Ten hours

Guest 4: I’d say maybe eight hours

Guest 5: Six hours a day

Reverse Interview: Exhuming the Story

Direct quotes:

Q: Will there still be consoles in 2030?

  • “It’s likely that consoles will still be around, with more of a niche presence (like gaming PCs) for the hardcore who wants the fastest and most graphically pure experience”

Q: How will console gaming look like in 2030?

  • “Console gaming is in transition to on-demand gaming services, and this transition has already begun. Gaming is going digital and this will continue to change how Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo manufacture consoles—it already has.”

Q: Will there be more consoles after the next release?

  • “may very well be the last consoles in the traditional sense”

Q: How will the next wave of consoles look like?

  • “The next wave of consoles may be closer to a streaming media device than a traditional console box, with the focus more on accessories.”

Q: How will gamers get their games in the future?

  • “Games are next on this horizon, and the days of buying a $60 game are likely ending for a segment of the population, replaced by a subscription to a service such as Xbox Game Pass.”

Q: Do you think that console gaming will have a different name?

  • “a decade from now console gaming will likely be known as television gaming or even large-screen gaming,

Q: Do you think major console producers would be able to transfer to cloud gaming smoothly?

  • Despite additional competition, Microsoft and Sony will “thrive in a streaming world, as each has a large installed base of paying multiplayer customers (on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network) to support expansion into streaming,”

Indirect quotes:

Q: Why is console gaming moving towards digital instead of physical?

  • This move away from physical to digital is in part, generational, as younger consumers are less attached to ownership

Q: Why do they sell less compared to the previous generation?

  • However, he sees each generation of video game consoles likely selling fewer units, with each likely only one-half to three-fourths as large as the previous generation.

Q: What are gaming consoles now?

  • In fact, the console game system as we know it is already dead


  1. What are your plans after releasing the next wave of consoles?
  2. Will there still be physical copies of games in the future?
  3. Do you think fans of different console producers would come together and play on a single platform?
  4. What do console fans think about this big step in gaming?
  5. Will exclusive console content stay exclusive after the change?

5 Interviewing Techniques

A perfect interview is rarely an accident, but rather a well-planned process. To conduct a good interview, certain techniques must be used. Some strategies must be followed in order to produce a successful interview.

  1. Capture Behaviour

It is a very good technique to capture behaviour because it can say a lot about a person. Behaviours like Body language gives away an interviewee’s attitude towards certain questions. This could reveal deeper information and make the interview more meaningful. I would use this technique whenever I can it.

  1. Take note of everything

It is crucial that the interviewer takes note of everything an interviewee is doing or wearing. This can help capture the behaviour of the subject. It’s also important to take note of every small detail like the shoes they are wearing or the way the person talks. This technique is a must in any occasion.

  1. Always fact check

It is important to always check the facts. If a  little detail is wrong, the reader may never trust one’s work and his or her career will go downhill from there. Every time a public post is made, use this technique.

  1. Don’t make assumptions

The interviewer should never make assumptions. If an assumption is made, then it is taken for granted or accepted as true without proof. This is not good because it can offend the interviewee and/or the audience and change the image they have on the interviewer.

  1. Planning and preparation

The lack of quality planning for an interview is one of the greatest mistakes of an amateur interviewer. An inexperienced one will try to launch into a discussion to only find midway through that his preparation is incomplete.

An effective interview is made possible by planning ahead and preparing for the task. Noting every little detail is useful to figure out the subject’s personality. It is important to avoid making assumptions and to always check the facts.

Related Youtubers

Pewdiepie approaches gaming differently than other Youtubers. He plays a variety of different games from horror to romance. This is why Pewdiepie has gained so many subscribers and viewers.

One of the gamers that play Call of Duty is Mr.DalekJD. He is a youtuber that mainly plays Call of Duty. Unlike Pewdiepie, Mr.DalekJD prioritize gaming and mostly first-person shooter (FPS) games. 

A Faze member, FazeRug, also plays Call of Duty. He operates similar to Pewdiepie. He mostly plays FPS games, but he also does vlogs on a daily basis to attract different kinds of viewers.

Games Pewdiepie Played

If we talk about games Pewdiepie played, it’s going to be a lot. In general, He played most of the genres in online games, maybe even all of it. Pewdiepie first built his channel around games like Call of Duty, Amnesia, and Minecraft. 

Pewdiepie has been a long time fan of the first person shooter game Call Of Duty and made many videos about it when he first started his channel. Some of his popular Call Of Duty videos are his Black Ops gun game knifing reactions. 

Games that Pewdiepie is most famous for playing are Amnesia, Last Of Us. Recently, his channel has been blowing up from his Minecraft lets play series that he started back in June of 2019. The series has gained him millions of subscribers and views.

Pewdiepie’s Background

We will be interviewing Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, or better known as Pewdiepie. He was born on October 24, 1989 and he is now 30 years old. 

He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. His parents are both successful chief executives. As a child, he enjoyed art and playing video games. His obsession grew during adolescence, during which he spent lots of time in his bedroom and in gaming cafes.

Pewdiepie is one of the biggest Youtubers of all time. He has been a YouTuber for more than nine years and has been a gamer for his whole life. He started gaining  thousands of subscribers around September 2011. By 2013, he became the most subscribed YouTuber.

Fantasy Script

Question: What made you want to become a YouTuber?

Answer: I filmed myself playing COD and I just fell in love with making “let’s play” videos.

Question: Were there any obstacles you had to face while being a youtuber?

Answer: The understanding from parents and the struggle to get monetization from my videos when I first started out.

Question: Did you ever think about quitting YouTube? 

Answer: Yes, at some point I will retire, but probably not for another few years. I will be taking a break next year.

Question: How did people find you on the internet?

Answer: For my fans it’s gonna be my videos on YouTube but for people who don’t watch my videos it might be my controversy on the news.

Question: What games did you play when you first started YouTube?

Answer: The first ever video I uploaded was me playing Minecraft. Most of my original videos were Call Of Duty let’s plays.

Question: How much do you roughly make a no year?

Answer: I make about 9 million dollars a year.

Question: Where’d you get your name?

Answer: I got pew from the sound of guns and die from saying it in video games. My original channel’s name is pewdie but I forgot my password. For my new channel I added “pie” because I like pie.

Question: How much time do you spend gaming everyday?

Answer: Around 2-3 hours a day. If I’m not making a gaming video, I play in private.

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